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Why I love my job

It’s rare to hear from someone that they love their job but I am one of them. It seems every day of work is an opportunity to meet new people and experience new things. I do various different projects ranging from full length narratives to documentaries and TV series and each one seems to expose me to something I’ve never seen.

One of my favorite jobs is actually recording interviews and seminars. It’s like getting payed to take a class everyone else pays for. I’ve recorded interviews with Pervez Musharraf (first picture below), former president of Pakistan, who had fascinating things to say about international politics, the president of the New York Public Library (second picture below in one of the main reading rooms), a TED talk, several seminars on small business and marketing (something that pertains directly to me as a sole proprietor freelancer), and more.

With Pervez Musharraf

NYC Public Library

Seeing a movie on the big screen that I’ve been a part of is another one of the great feelings I get from working this business. There is something supremely satisfying about having a completed project that was a collaboration of so many people. Film lasts forever and I can’t wait to see what else I’ll be able to work on.

Jesse Flaitz
Production and post production sound, NYC.

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