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I have a wide variety of location sound equipment available.  I am meticulous with equipment maintenance and all equipment is tested and working.  I have two all-in packages available that can be customized with additional equipment rentals.  For rentals over $200, I will personally deliver and pick up the equipment anywhere in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or the Bronx.

Premier sound recording package – $300/day
Zaxcom Nomad 10, 10 track digital mixer/recorder
Boom mic kit – Sennheiser MKH 416 and MKH 50 boom mics, K-Tek 123CC boom pole
2x Lectrosonics SMQV transmitter with Sanken COS-11 lav mic
Lectrosonic SRb dual wireless receiver
3x XLR for boom mic and audio to camera
BDS power with 3x NP1 batteries

Full equipment list – Please e-mail for individual equipment pricing and extended rental quotes

Location Sound Equipment:
Zaxcom Nomad 10 ten track digital recorder/mixer
Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6 8 track digital recorder
Tascam DR-40 2-track digital recorder
Sony 7506 headphones
K-Tek 123CC boom pole
K-Tek 152 boom pole
K-Tek 202CCR boom pole
Deneke TS-C Timecode slate
SmallHD DP6 field monitor
Magliner Jr. follow cart

8 Complete Lectrosonics Wireless Microphone Systems
3x Lectrosonics SRb two channel wireless receiver (for wireless to camera or talent mics)
2x Lectrosonics 411 receiver
4x Lectrosonics UM400a transmitter
2x SMQV mini transmitter
1x SMV mini transmitter
Zaxcom ERXTCD2 for TC/audio to camera/IFB
Comtek BST-75 wireless monitoring system for director, producer, and scratch camera feed
Wireless antenna distro for greatly increased wireless range

2x Sennheiser MKH 50 hyper cardioid condenser
Schoeps miniCMIT “blue” shotgun mic
Sanken CS3-e shotgun mic
Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic
8x Sanken COS-11 lav mic
3x Mickey Mic lav mic
Shure SM58
Wind protection available for all microphones